Our Philosophy

Heart disease affects 17 million Americans, with another 100 million more who are at-risk because of abnormalities in blood cholesterol. With the proper knowledge and an understanding of the tools for proper diagnosis and treatment, atherosclerosis and coronary artery disease can be prevented and reversed. Acquiring the knowledge and understanding the tools as they apply to you starts by selecting a health care provider who is willing to work on an individualized approach to you, and not the “cookbook” approach that is too often used and encouraged by our health care system that rewards practitioners to blindly follow the medical guidelines that policy makers have introduced into medical care.

To get the best medical care, particularly in the prevention and management of heart disease, you must become a stakeholder. You must value your medical care with at least as much enthusiasm as you exhibit in your finances, the lives of your children, your political views, religious beliefs, and anything else that is important to you. You must become sufficiently well-informed to be an advocate for yourself. You must also buy into making the sometimes difficult choice of changing your lifestyle and having medical testing and treatments that will keep you healthy. If you are willing to make the effort, you will find the reward will be a longer and improved quality of life unencumbered by the disease that is the world’s number one killer.

One important step in acquiring the important and relevant information about preventing, treating and reversing heart disease is to read the recently released bestseller, “Don’t Let Your Heart Attack!: A comprehensive guide to help you understand heart disease, cholesterol metabolism and learn how to take charge of implementing your personal cardiovascular disease prevention, treatment and reversal strategies.” Important topics and questions addressed in this essential and potentially life-saving book include;

  • Accurately assess your heart risk and learn how to eliminate it!
  • How to stop deadly, heart attack-prone plaque from developing!
  • How to reverse arterial plaque!
  • Develop your personal heart disease prevention and reversal strategies!
  • Learn which heart tests you need, which ones to avoid, and which ones to insist upon (even if your insurance company balks)!
  • Learn the how, why, which and when about managing heart disease through lifestyle interventions, diets, supplements, vitamins, medications, surgery and angioplasty.
  • Learn why the U.S. spends more on heart care than the rest of the world, and we still perform so poorly in heart disease prevention?
  • Learn why we do so poorly in administering heart care to women, children, elderly and minorities?
  • What are advanced lipid panel blood tests, and why do you need them to properly assess your heart risk?
  • What genetic testing is useful in evaluating your risk of heart disease?
  • What types of heart and blood vessel imaging test truly help to determine if you have plaque?
  • Which natural supplements and vitamins help prevent heart disease and which ones are worthless (and potentially dangerous)?
  • Learn about the value of natural remedies for heart disease and cholesterol?
  • Do you really need to have a heart stent?
  • Why are heart stents overused, and how to avoid an unnecessary stent?
  • Which medications truly work to prevent heart disease?
  • What about chelation therapy?
  • Is a heart bypass really your only option?
  • What do the new drugs and treatments for heart disease offer?
  • Which diets really work to prevent and reverse heart disease?
  • How does metabolic syndrome cause heart disease?
  • Which foods prevent atherosclerosis?
  • How does having sex prevent heart disease…really!
  • What about male and female sex hormones to prevent heart disease?