Educational, Promotional & Consulting Services

Education and Lectures

Dr. Sheikh is a frequently requested speaker for local, regional, national and international speaking engagements. He lectures for general and professional audiences. For the general public, his lectures include topics on wellness, general aspects of heart disease, cholesterol, heart disease prevention, treatment and reversal. He has lectured at numerous wellness symposia, including those for chapters of the American Heart Association and cardiac support groups such as Mended Hearts. He is available to small and large businesses and corporations to lecture on and assist in instituting and managing cardiac wellness programs for their employees.

For professional audiences, Dr. Sheikh is often requested to lecture for medical symposia and conferences on internal medicine, cardiology, atherosclerosis and lipids. He also lectures for health care organizations in professional education symposia for nurses, mid-level practitioners (ARNP’s and PA’s) and administrators. He lectures to medical industry professionals involved in medical diagnostics, pharmaceutical and medical device sales and development.

Dr. Sheikh offers on-site clinical preceptorships for medical professionals interested in acquiring a greater knowledge of the clinical practice of a cardiovascular prevention and lipid management practice. Such preceptorships are typically a one-half day or a full day, one on one engagement with Dr. Sheikh in his daily office practice. They are available to physicians, mid-level practitioners (ARNP’s and PA’s) as well as medical industry professionals.

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Marketing and Financial Consulting/Analysis

Dr. Sheikh has over 20 years of experience in clinical private cardiology practice. He is board certified by the American Board of Medical Specialties in internal medicine, cardiovascular diseases and adult echocardiography. He also is a Diplomate of the American Board of Lipidology. He received his MBA from Florida Institute of Technology. He has served as the principal investigator in over 100 national and international clinical trials. He has authored over 150 scientific abstracts, peer-reviewed journal articles, book chapters and subject reviews. He is a current faculty member of the University of Central Florida College of Medicine, and a former assistant professor in the division of cardiology at Duke University Medical Center.

This experience in medical practice, medical administration, clinical research and academic medicine makes Dr. Sheikh uniquely qualified to render expert opinions regarding disorders of the heart circulation, atherosclerosis and lipid disorders for medical pharmaceuticals and nutritional products, clinical guidelines and research and development for a variety of clients. These include health care organizations such as integrated health care systems, hospitals, medical practices, medical insurance companies, as well as the pharmaceutical industry, venture capital firms and medically-related financial analytics.

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Medico-Legal Consulting

Dr. Sheikh provides consulting services on a very limited basis in medico-legal issues pertaining to disorders of the heart, circulation, atherosclerosis and lipids. These include case reviews for legal firms, professional liability carriers, health care organizations and medical practitioners. His scope of services includes reviews for medical malpractice, administrative hearings, and issues of peer review and standards of practice.

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