Don’t Let Your Heart Attack!


A comprehensive guide to help you understand heart disease, cholesterol metabolism and learn how to take charge of implementing your personal cardiovascular disease prevention, treatment and reversal strategies

K. H. Sheikh, MD, MBA
Fellow of the American College of Cardiology
Diplomate of the American Board of Clinical Lipidology

Over 100 million Americans are at risk for coronary heart disease and atherosclerosis, 17 million already have it and over 1.5 million undergo invasive and potentially risky therapies like angioplasty or bypass surgery each year. However, with the proper knowledge and tools, in nearly all instances, heart disease can be prevented and reversed. In this comprehensive guide to heart disease and cholesterol metabolism, one of the few board certified cardiologists and lipidologists in the world unveils his tools to help you implement your personal cardiovascular disease prevention, treatment and reversal strategies.

Dr. Sheikh is a full-time cardiologist practicing on Florida’s Space Coast. Treating a sophisticated population of patients ranging from NASA astronauts, scientists, engineers, and technicians to motivated people just like you, Dr. Sheikh offers the same information and guidance that he has provided his patients who want to help themselves or a loved one prevent or reverse heart disease. Unlike many books on this subject which simplify the science of atherosclerosis, this book is sophisticated and advanced in the level of science presented, but presents the information in a common sense approach with practical applications. Once you understand the science of heart disease, the principles of prevention and treatment not only become clearer, but you can separate the many common misconceptions, myths and misinformation about heart disease prevention and treatment from what is accurate and scientifically proven.

  • Learn what tests truly help establish what your level of heart risk is, and why the tests that your doctor routinely administers may be unreliable or inadequate.
  • Which treatments really work in prevention and reversal, and which ones are a waste of money and time, or even risky?
  • You can really prevent, treat and reverse heart disease via nutrition, diets, lifestyle changes, supplements and many more easily introduced interventions. Learn how.
  • Learn why very few people actually benefit from angioplasty and stents, and how much these treatments are overused.
  • Unravel the myths and misinformation about treating high blood cholesterol levels with statins.
  • See how the medical community has underserved treating heart disease in women, children, minorities and the elderly.
  • Stress tests and heart catheterizations do not detect the most dangerous types of plaque that lead to heart attacks. But there are tests that are currently available that do detect early plaque. Why haven’t you had these tests?
  • Over a million Americans have genetic disorders causing their cholesterol to be in a danger zone. Diet and exercise won’t help. Why have you not heard what these disorders are, and how can you be tested and treated?
  • You know how well your community does in rates of crime and how good your public schools are. Can you tell how well your community hospital will do in treating you for a stroke or a heart attack? Learn how to find out.